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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Siblings

Where to begin..

If you read my previous post, my parents are Ted and Tracy and they welcomed the world with 4 wonderful kids.

Tyler: 30
Trevor: 28
Tiffini: 25
and Tiana: 21

All of my siblings are married now, and did i mention that my family is a super family?
Tyler, Trevor, and Tiffini all got married within 11 months of each other! Apparently i missed the memo except that i wasnt even DATING yet. haha i was 14 years old, and i had my fair share of flowers, dresses, and dancing.

I think to make this post complete, i will share a neat memory about each one.


Back when my mom had her license taken away for medical reasons, my oldest brother Tyler had to drive my mom to the mall to go to work every morning before we even had to go to school. I remember I would wake up really early just to drive around town with my brother. We would listen to all the "cool" music like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime. :) ha, thats why every time i hear those songs, i always imagine i am in the car with Tyler singing.


I remember waking up on saturday mornings and doing the usual yardwork, or housework. All of us kids would be pretty bitter to be up pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, vacuuming, and raking up those DANG pine needles. (yes, we have pine needles in our front yard in AZ. abnormal i know.) and after all the work was done, we would jump in the pool, or relax in front of the TV playing Super MarioKart or Donkey Kong. Trevor was the master at these games. I would watch him play for hours. (thats where i get my mad skills) When I was home this past Christmas, He had gotten the game Donkey Kong for the Wii, and there he was, relaxing on the couch, beating every level of that game. So i sat down next to him, and relived all those fun memories.


I remember driving with you in that red Nissan Sentra to Utah. I believe we were driving up to the Church family reunion. We got all the way to the Sunset rest stop just north of anthem and mom and dad called (who were an hour ahead) saying that mom had forgotten her medicine and that we needed to turn around and grab them. We listened to How to Lose a Guy in 10 days soundtrack and What a Girl Wants soundtrack over and over. Those movies hold a special place in my heart, only because Tiffini has taught me everything i need to know about boys, and what a girl really should want. I looked up to her all through high school.

This was a really fun post to do.. and I am sorry that the picture is a little outdated because there are like 4 more grandkids to add to that picture. I will add a post to recognize all of my in-laws. :) but not tonight.. I am far too tired. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Parents

How appropriate that the night I want to write about my LOVELY parents, it happens to be that my dad was put into the BISHOPRIC. He is the 1st counselor. WOO-HOO. :) I am so happy for my daddy. (I guess i will start with him. :))

Edward William Heid
Born: 03/19/1956
my daddy-san.

When I think of my dad, I think of hard work.
Whether it was working out in the yard early on a saturday morning, or
how is has always provided for my mom and our family.
He has always maintained a steady job for as long as I can remember.
My mom always quotes about the times that were "tough" but
in all honesty, I can't remember not being fed, hugged, or a warm place to sleep.
those are all the things you need out of your parents.

He always told us to strive for our dreams.

I remember one "for instance"

I had recieved a letter in the mail telling me that I had been accepted to the
Arizona Ambassadors of Music and to tour with them for 2 weeks in Europe.
I cried when I read the letter.
My dad and mom sat me down and told me that if I wanted this,
then i needed to work for it,
they weren't just going to pay for the airfare and send me on my way.
I had a job (at Toys R Us and PacSun.. which both lasted a month i think)
and I saved every penny (it was hard)
and i when it came down to it, i had about half of the trip saved for.
I am blessed that my parents had made me save for that trip,
because it has made me money-conscious ever since.

I love my dad for that.

Now onto my mother, who also just informed me that we are having a family reunion this summer with all of HER cousins. I cannot wait to meet them (i am sure i did when i was a baby) and talk to them about how my mom was when she was my age! haha :) I can only imagine.

Tracy Lynn "Church" Heid
Born on 09/23/1959

When i think of my mom i think of courage and faith.

My mom has the biggest testimony of the Lord and she is NOT afraid to share it with ya!
I can't think of a time when she hasn't showed courage in a tough situation.
My mom has had multiple surgeries and ailments and yet her head is held high.
Whenever the song "fearless" by T-Swift comes on, i think of her because she is truly fearless.
She has served as the relief society president, young women's president
(primary president i am sure at one point as well)
for our church and she succeeds every single STINKING time.
She puts forth the greatest she can, and it always turns out AMAZING.

when i was 6 years old my mom was diagnosed with epilepsy.
not the scary grand maul type,
but it was scary enough to me to see her go through that.
I remember one "for instance"..
We were reading family scriptures at 6am
we all rotated reading two verses till we read two chapters.
We had gone through each a couple of times and it was my mom's turn
She was silent.
staring off into the distance,
her mind was empty.
I was so young, that this memory is barely a memory anymore,
but nonetheless, i had just witnessed an epileptic seizure.

life goes on, and her license was taken away for a year while her medication was regulated,
and she remained so strong.
needless to say, she has been siezure free for 14 some odd years.
and i am ever grateful for modern medicine.

My mom and dad are my hero's.
I can honestly say that i have no idea who i would be without them.