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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My First Love

I know that this is going to sound cheesy.. But my first love was probably John Lamereaux in Kindergarten. He was my first "boyfriend" that really just chased me around the playground. It was love. I have no pictures of him and me but we dated from Kindergarten till the 4th grade when he decided to like my best friend Audrianna. Ha, i know that this sounds crazy, but elementary school was pretty rough in the love life. Some of my favorite moments happened in Elementary School..
-Playing with Baby dolls on the playground
Jumprope ALL THE TIME.
-Does anyone remember the game POPCORN?
(where we jump over the double bars??)
Megan Johnson and Ashley Baratko were the best!
-Riding bikes every afternoon with Robert Nichols
-Playing in the canal
-Music Class, we got to bring in a favorite song like once a month, and i think i brought in Anastasia, Once upon a December EVERY TIME.
-The Turkey Trot! i sucked! i always prayed that Ashley, Megan and Breanna Payan would be sick that day so i would have a shot!!
-Student Government with Mr. Hutter.
I was Student Government vice president with Audrianna as my President.
(we were also that in High School Senior Year) :)
Well, my first love was John,
but my first LOVE was all of my friends and memories growing up.

Friday, November 5, 2010

this is a fun idea....

Day 1 - Introduction
Day 2 - Your First Love
Day 3 - Your Parents
Day 4 - Your Siblings
Day 5 -Your Best Friend
Day 6 - Your Husband/Boyfriend
Day 7 -Your definition on Love
Day 8 - A moment
Day 9 - Your Beliefs
Day 10 - What you Wore Today
Day 11 -What you Ate Today
Day 12 - What's in Your Bag?
Day 13 - This Week
Day 14 -An Embarrassing Moment
Day 15 - Your Dreams
Day 16 - Your First Kiss
Day 17 - Your Favorite Memory
Day 18 - Your Favorite Birthday
Day 19 - Something you Regret
Day 20 - This Month
Day 21 - Something that upsets you
Day 22 - Something that makes you feel better
Day 23 - Something that makes you cry
Day 24- Something that makes you angry
Day 25 - A First
Day 26 - Your Fears
Day 27 - Your Favorite Place
Day 28 - Something that you Miss
Day 29 - Your Aspirations
Day 30 - One Last Moment

Im gonna try my best!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tiana in a nutshell.

Here are a few pictures to describe my very peculiar self:

1. I Love to Travel!
this is me at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
2. I love to play with Fireworks.
I believe that they are the coolest thing ever invented!
3. I love to dress up.
No matter what the occasion is.
4. I love making funny faces.
This is my lovely impersonation of a walrus.
5. I loved Student Government 2009-2010.
miss you already Dream Team
6. I Like to think I am a big deal.
at least Vegas Strip thinks I am.
7. I love my siblings.
This was taken at the Mesa Temple.
8. I have IMMENSE amounts of
Dixie State College School Spirit!
9. I love to have a good time..
even if i fell off after 20 seconds.
10. I LOVE to pull pranks on people...
whether "campus security was notified or not"
11. I love my boyfriend Jason.
10 months baby!
12. I love hanging with my girls.
13. I love my family
and the many places we go together.
14. I love dressing up in 80's clothes and sitting on giant green dinosaurs at 12:30am.
15. I love Cactus High School.
I will never forget where I came from!

Hope you enjoyed!